What Happens When They Come for You – The Drones I Mean?

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Drones, and robotic aircraft are never going away. In fact, today only dozen or so nations have perfected them to any extent for military usage. Eventually however, these robotic machines will fly your airliner and you will trust them to take your family on vacation. Just as we can see the writing on the walls today for artificially intelligent autonomous cars which will takes us around, we will see the same thing for aircraft, airlines, PFC (personal flying craft), and door step deliveries to your home. best beginner drone download-40

Well, this is all well and good, but getting back to the concept of robotic warfare, and the whole scary thought of SkyNet from the Hollywood Science Fiction thriller Terminator Series, this is a sticking point, and it also seems to insight the anti-war crowd and academic elite.

There was an interesting article in MIT Technology Review in August 2013 titled: “The World As A Free-Fire Zone – How Drones Made It Easy for Americans to Kill A Particular Person Anywhere on the Planet” which discusses the future of robotic machines enforcing the piece and the potential end game, so let’s talk about this shall we?

First, for MIT’s Technology review to say “a particular person” when we are using these machines to stop terrorists is somewhat disingenuous to say the least. And while it has made eliminating terrorists easier and safer, and less costly to human life (our team) it seems it still causes ire amongst the peaceniks of our population. Second, let’s please not forget that the terrorists have attacked us, they are not humanity’s noblest of folks – I think we need to get that fact straight as well.

Third, it’s not that easy to deploy such technology half way around the world, use modern surveillance to track such terrorists, or find a safe time and place to take them out without collateral damage, so kudos to our military in their abilities – but to say it is easy is simply not so, and MIT ought to know that better than anyone seeing as they are one of the top elite technology schools in the USA.

The issues of how drones, UAVs, or MAVs (micro-air vehicles) will be used in the future is relevant, and it’s probably not something we can trust at the UN or for them to decide, nor do we want this technology used against the American People by future enemies, terrorists, or foreign militaries – and certainly not through a heavy handed government. Yes, with every new technology, comes responsibility. Unfortunately, that article in the MIT Technology Review was not what I believe to be responsible. Please consider all this and think on it.

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