The Cheap Wedding Reception

It can estimated that 50% of each wedding budget goes to pay money for the wedding response; food, drinks, location local rental, decorations, and so on Having said that, if you can find a way to hold a cheap wedding reception — one that’ll save some money but still please the guests — well, likely to be able to multiply if not triple your honeymoon vacation time. Just how can you put along a cheap wedding response, you ask? Simple, by using these amazing and incredibly powerful secrets!baby shower halls

The Inexpensive Wedding Reception Secrets…

Party Location:

Booking the reception hall at a hotel or renting a banquet hall at some fancy-schmancy establishment is NOT REALLY cheap, whatever you might have heard. In simple fact, such a move will cost well ABOVE $1, 000 dollars and is very likely to get into the $4, 000 to $5, 000 range depending on amount of guests and the time of the season it is.

To go around this insane expense and steer clear of simply booking the wedding throughout the off season, you need to consider other locations. Why not have your cheap wedding reception at a public park or even a public beach? Are there a huge house and a spacious yard? Very well, then you can definitely have the response there and save a tiny fortune! There are several ways to avoid spending thousands of dollars on a wedding party location, you just have to be wide open to different ideas.

Foodstuff & Drink:

An inexpensive wedding reception can NOT be done if you are a complete & total fool about the foods & drinks. This is one of the very expensive parts of the reception — even for an apparent cheap wedding reception — so there can be NO splurging on careless, unnecessary things.

For the drinks and alcohol, just close down the idea of an open tavern. Don’t even consider it! A bar is excellent expensive and it motivates visitors to get drunk, and much more so than normal.

Celebration is all-well-and-good, but this is a wedding, not a college or university frat party. Stock up on beer, champagne, wine, and plenty of non-alcoholic drinks. Shop around for the best prices, buy in bulk, serve it yourself, and you’ll save great sums of money. Keep in mind, just forget about hard liquor, it’ll do you NO good.

Do you want to learn how to save on wedding food when building a cheap wedding response? It’s simple really, just do away with all those unnecessary catering extra supplies.

All you need is the meals (cheap food at that), the trays, the plates, and a stand to place it all on — that’s it! You don’t need servers venturing asking people what they want, nor do you need them preparing guests’ plates and serving everyone individually. To do so is not only costly, its sheer idiocy.

Caterers expenses are the real budget killer when it comes to drink and food. If you can eliminate most, or even some, of those costs, things will learn to get drastically cheaper.

If you can’t save around $2000 to $3000 dollars with these cheap wedding response secrets, well, then you are pretty hopeless. Possibly that, or you’re very dumb — its one or the other.

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