Textures – How to Draw the Birds Using Color Pencils

Color pencil drawings can give beautiful textures. Drawing the beautiful birds using the color pencils may seem to be little strange, but since you do some of the techniques you shall love the notion of using color pencils. Nevertheless , if you make any oversight with the color pencils will probably be very difficult to cover those mistakes. With regular practice, it will be easier to master the basic techniques. A number of the artists love the portraying of bird using the color pencils as they find it easy.BEST COLORED PENCILS REVIEW

The Techniques Used Intended for Color Pencils Are:

Applying The Grid Method – Using the grids for your drawing is the most suitable if you are not very certain of the ratios. While using the main grid you have to cover your painting with the grid on a reference point picture sometime later it was layer on the paper. You can make the equivalent squares of 1″ or even greater depending on you.

Constantly use the pencil which is mechanical as it will greatly assist you in doing the describe. Color pencil even streaks lesser than the regular pencil.

Perform your pulling with the properly formed pencils. You could require honing your pencils often.

Employ layering in your colors. You can complete your drawing with even some of the basic colours of your pencil but layering them in an improved way. You require to get started on with the lightest colors and go on building your drawing.

For lightening of the colors use the pencil erasers. Many of the artists even like electric erasers as they are incredibly good at raising the tiny spaces. That they help you in especially resulting in the bird’s speckled feathers. Certain pencils including the very thin necklaces pencils are incredibly helpful for the detailed drawing of the birds, especially the eyes. They even help you in creating better effects.

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