Buttock Augmentation – What Are the Risks of Butt Implants?

Many people today, both men and women are looking to plastic surgery as a means of enhancing their buttocks. There are two forms of the buttocks augmentation which may be performed separately or combined. The first form of the buttock augmentation is of course the use of an implant to fill the region that is lacking of gluteal muscles or fat. The second form is simple fat transfer in which a surgeon will take extra fat from one portion of the body and move it into the buttocks. hydrogel buttock injections houston texas images-10

The buttock augmentation is a difficult procedure to perform since in general, the augmentation of the buttocks will usually make the thighs look disproportionate and thus the surgeon will also have to do some work to the thighs to even the body contours up. Because of this fact, the buttock augmentation procedure can be a costly one especially if you are planning on drastic implant sizes.

The procedure itself will generally take between two or three hours to perform. Because of the location of the procedure, many patients will not be able to sit down for several weeks following the surgery and they will also suffer a significant amount of pain due to the stresses and pressures that are placed on the region.

There are also several major complications that may be associated with the buttock augmentation which depends on the type of the procedure as well as the complexity. Throughout the entire buttock augmentation recovery period you as a patient will have to deal with pain, bruising and even swelling making even laying on your back a hard feat to accomplish.

As far as the actual procedure, the surgeon will have the patient lying on his or her back, and after administering general anesthesia, the surgeon will make an incision at the crease between the thigh and the buttocks. Once this incision is made, the decision on how the surgeon will mold and reshape the region will be made. The ultimate goal is to use a combination of fat along with the implants as a means to keep the implants undetectable since no on wants people to know that they have received the implants. The implants themselves are of a harden gelatin form of silicone which is basically the same consistency as the shell making rupture of the implant impossible as well as the results of the procedure are permanent.

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